menu barSoftware screen is a brand-new programmer-focused site that is a mash-up of existing concepts:

  1. An alternative to “google tutorial {programming problem}
  2. A replacement for crusty web browser bookmarks
  3. A new reddit-style source for procrastination and community link-sharing, but one more edifying than r/bronies

And though its individual parts are little more than attractively-executed clones of existing systems, the whole has potential.  I see myself using it both to discover new ideas I hadn’t thought to search for previously, and to find resources for my immediate coding problems.

The site divides content by tags as well as by three color-coded categories: tutorials, tools, and assets.  See its about page and its FAQ for more.

How is this site different than Reddit or Digg?

Pineapple is a place to submit things you LEARN from, usually in the form of tutorials. In addition, we allow you to submit things that make your workflow easier, whether thats a tool, asset, or some other resource. Here are a few examples of what you might find here:

  • A beginner’s guide to using Emacs
  • A sprite generator, downloadable app for CSS images
  • How to set up ruby on rails with nginx and unicorn
  • How to use layer comps in Photoshop CS6
Noah Harrison

Noah Harrison

Senior software engineer at Art+Logic.
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