The state of the art in password cracking

If you’ve read Andrew’s posts on web security (and if you haven’t go read them now – they’re great) you’ll love this Ars Technica article by Dan Goodin, “Why passwords have never been weaker – and crackers have never been stronger” about the state of the art in password cracking, the psychology behind how users select passwords, and the mistakes that services make while storing passwords.

The articles references 1Password which is a great password manager for the Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. It can generate secure passwords up to 50 characters in length and store them securely as well. It also allows you to easily see where you’re reusing passwords (I’m sure you’re not doing this) and sort your various login passwords by strength so you can see which ones you should update first.

In the wake of Matt Honan getting hacked take the time to make sure you’ve got some strong passwords!

Steven Huey

Steven Huey

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Steven Huey
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