Art+Logic Incubator Lab

Art+Logic Invites Submissions for New Software Incubator Lab.


Art+Logic announces the launch of a new software incubator called the Art+Logic Lab. This incubator lab will focus on developing a working prototype of a selected software project. This first iteration of the lab will target the music technology and professional audio community, offering individuals, companies, and organizations an opportunity to have their application created by Art+Logic developers and designers in close collaboration with the entrepreneur.
Paul Hershenson, co-founder of Art+Logic, wants this competition to be “open to anybody, whether they have a compelling pitch deck to submit or just a vague idea that can be built enough to get additional funding. We’ve been involved in music technology since the early days of MIDI and Digital Audio Workstations. We’re happy to be in a position to help a talented artist or entrepreneur create something their industry needs, maybe even something the industry has never seen before.”
The selected project will receive:

  • A working prototype created by Art+Logic’s talented team of designers and developers (valued at over $50,000).
  • Ongoing support during the capital raising process.
  • An opportunity to have the full-featured version of their concept built by Art+Logic.
  • The winner will have the opportunity to work with Art+Logic strategists to refine their concept and marketing strategy.
  • A progress report will be shared at the A3E Summit at Summer NAMM in Nashville in June 2018.
  • Submissions will be accepted through
  • The deadline is 4/1/2018.

Art+Logic has been creating custom software for many of the world’s most successful companies since 1991. The company’s elite team of designers and engineers are all North American. Client projects are never outsourced or sent overseas. Art+Logic employs our own proprietary Agile/Lean-inspired software development methodology to nurture clients’ software products and digital experiences from concept to maturity.

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