Augmented Reality and 3D Printing


I’ve been following the 3D printing space and am excited about the developments in low-end models that have brought prices down along with increases in quality and variety of options in materials as well. I’m sure in the next year or so we’ll end up getting one to make things for around the house since they’ll likely be a Foldify-like app that will have my kids designing and printing their own actions figures and toys.
Earlier this week @fabbaloo blogged about Augmented 3D Printing covering the incredible work @inition has done to combine 3D printing of architectural models with an Augmented Reality (AR) app for the iPad that is just mind blowing.
Check out Inition’s video on Vimeo.

If you have time definitely check out some of Inition’s other AR work that looks to rely on specially printed 2D patterns and materials to offer some pretty incredible AR experiences on iOS devices.

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