A Few of Our New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year image courtesy of retna karunia at Flickr

I resolve to brighten the lives and businesses of our clients and partners at every touch point.

I resolve to be more creative and persistent in uncovering the deepest and most meaningful ways in which we can impact our clients’ and partners’ success.

I resolve to get better at explaining how software is a creative medium and needs breathing room for creativity to flourish. (more…)

Why We Say That We Code the “Impossible”

Talking about coding the "impossible" at Digital Summit LA 2016.

Day two of the Digital Summit LA

11:30am and the attendees are released for lunch so I make my way outside to receive my brown bag lunch of turkey and swiss served on a croissant, and a salad. With my bag in hand, I make it back to the conference hall, stage one, and sit at a table. As I open up my bag more people sit next to me and the conversations start: we go around the table and each of us explains what we do and why we are at the summit. I find myself sitting at a table with a “manager of marketing marketing” — yes, a real job title– and a few other people who work in similar fields. During our conversations, I start handing out my business card. (more…)