A Django-Style Admin Interface For Pyramid

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Pyramid Logopyramid_formalchemy provides a CRUD interface for Pyramid based on FormAlchemy. Which is to say it looks at your SQLAlchemy models and automagically generates an HTML interface to create, read, update and delete instances of those models from the database, very much like Django’s admin interface. That sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it? In this post I will demonstrate how to get it up and running and then start customizing the forms.

Software screen capture

Two Things I Missed Functional Testing with WebTest

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Ian Bicking’s WebTest is a helpful module for running functional tests against a WSGI app. You may already be using it, it’s the suggested way to test Pyramid apps, TurboGears and Google App Engine, and (although I have no experience with this) you can use it with Django (apparently this is a good idea) and Flask. It’s not very complicated but in my haste to get things done I overlooked a couple of its nicest features.


Pool.map is Handy.

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Processes and queues are the way to go to scale software performance. But I also recently found out about pool.map, which allows you to write less code (you don’t have to do anything with Queue) and get similar effects.