1991-2016—25 years of Art & Logic

Composing and Improvising: the Art of Software Development

Composing and Improvising: the Art of Software Development

In the early years of Art & Logic, my wife and I liked to visit a small inn in Palm Springs called Villa Royale. It was lovely. Each room was decorated in a different European country theme. The proprietors traveled frequently and brought back regional artifacts to lend authenticity to the room designs. It was a relaxed and creative space — especially the small pool at the back of the property with its odd shape and faux antique fountain. This was before we had children, so we had lots of hours to while away. I spent many of them pacing around that pool and sketching out my vision for how Art & Logic should work. How would we recruit developers? How would we keep track of our time? How would we bill our clients? (more…)

Why Refactor?

Why Refactor?

“What does this ‘refactor’ word you keep using really mean . . .?”

I could almost hear the client’s eyes and nose scrunching up in scrutiny. We were talking about realistic budgets and schedules for a potentially large, multi-developer feature addition to his existing application.

I switched gears, put on my imaginary professor glasses and set my imaginary apple on the corner of my desk.

“Well, you are right. It’s part of the software development and developers’ lexicon. It’s a word that means – sort of – ‘optimize’ or ‘clean up’ or ‘tighten’ and, really, all three of these things at once.”

“So, the code is dirty?” he intoned. I could hear the silent thought bubble form above his head — “but-I’m-paying-you-NOT-to-write-bad-code!” (more…)

Custom Pro-Audio Software


Do you need firmware for your audio hardware? Or an update to your legacy software? Or do you want to build an eLearning app for a musical instrument?

Whatever your audio needs, we can build the software to get you there. We’ve been working with musicians and audio professionals for over 25 years so we understand your unique development requirements. Contact us, tell us about your project. We can arrange for you to talk to one of our developers with a background in music and pro-audio software. It’s a great way to get started.

Our developers and designers will work with you to build the best software for your audio project. We use a lean development process that’s efficient, transparent, and responsive, and optimized for your success.

We’ve built audio apps and software for clients ranging from entrepreneurs and small businesses to Gibson and Yamaha to entertainment giants like Warner, Sony, and Universal.

Whether you need a VST developer, custom recording studio software, or just want the right firm to build your pro audio app, get in touch with us. We know audio software.

Request Your Free Consultation.

Pro audio custom software development at Art & Logic

We struggled for a while to find a solid IOS developer. We took the plunge with Art & Logic and are very happy with our relationship. They have been great with deadlines, reasonable with pricing, and most importantly…have put together a bug-free app exactly how we imagined it would be.

Kevin Wimer


Software Services

What kind of software do you need? We build mobile/wearable apps, desktop software, web/cloud solutions, and more. Not sure what kind of software development service you need? Contact us to schedule a free consultation.


In addition to developing biomedical, educational, and pro-audio software, we also build compliant software, drivers, IoT apps, and software that services many other industries. We code the “impossible.”

Development Process

Our milestone-driven software development process makes it easier to plan, define, and estimate the work that needs to be done, while allowing you to make changes when needed. Let your project benefit from our a lean, agile process.

Our Clients

We do a lot of work that we’re not permitted to discuss, so we’re a great choice if you want to keep our involvement private. That said, our portfolio highlights some of the work our clients have given us permission to showcase.

Why Would Developers Hire Developers?

Why Would Developers Hire Developers?

Why would developers or other technology-driven companies hire a development firm? It happens more often than you think, and maybe not for the reasons you would expect. Some developers (by which we also mean in-house teams at technology companies) always use outside software developers because they do not actually build stuff in-house. More often than not, however, we find that companies with in-house software engineers find themselves in need of outside help for a variety of reasons, five of which we’ll address here. (more…)

Maps and Territories: Exploring “The Lean Startup’ through Nature, Part III

Maps and Territories: Exploring “The Lean Startup’ through Nature, Part III

You are climbing up the steady incline of The Signal Ridge Trail when you are met by a hiker doubling back to a fork in the route which has been ambiguously signed. The trail notes you pull from your pocket indicate that you are to bear left at a trail split .8 miles from the trailhead.

“I think it’s this way,” he says, his voice pressured and his pace the pace of someone who has made a mistake and is trying to undo it as quickly as possible. He’s got worn-in boots and a decent pack. His legs look like hiker’s legs. The calf muscles are knotty.

He rounds the fork, bearing left rather than right and, indeed, this direction appears to take you up towards the ridge and then the summit. You can see the shoulders of the mountain through the canopy. (more…)

Four Pounds of Nuts: Exploring “The Lean Startup” through Nature, Part II

Four Pounds of Nuts: Exploring “The Lean Startup” through Nature, Part II

My father lifted my pack into the back of his car in the EMS parking lot in North Conway, where we’d agreed to meet to carpool the rest of the way into The Whites.

He whistled low and under his breath. “Geez, Kendall.”

“What?” I was grabbing poles and double checking to ensure I had ACTUALLY put my boots in his car.

“Your pack is light…you sure you’ve got enough here? I mean, there’s running lean and then there’s running lean . . .”

I looked at him quizzically and mentally inventoried what I’d packed the night before. Nope, all present and accounted for.

“Yeah, Dad, I’ve got what I need . . . I mean, the water isn’t in there yet but . . . yeah. Why? How heavy is YOUR pack?”

“Heavier.” (more…)

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