Do You Need to Build Compliant Software?

When developing business software that has to comply with specific policies, procedures, or guidelines, responsibility for compliance remains with your company. The trouble with this dynamic may be that, though you are experts in your field, your expertise does not extend to the development of compliant software. Art+Logic will help you bridge that gap while giving you the added assurance of working with software developers who know the nuances of building compliant software solutions.

From OSHA to HIPAA-compliant software and more, Art+Logic developers have built applications and solutions for industries that must meet federal, state and local inspection regulations as well as strict privacy and security standards. We build business apps that are compatible with your infrastructure while taking into account the necessary rules and regulations. We can also work with you to develop enterprise applications that track and verify inspection data and ensure that employees throughout your company follow the required steps for compliance.

Our engineers are based in North America and have worked on compliant software projects for major institutes and industries throughout the country.

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Work with Art+Logic to Develop Your Premier Management and Compliance Platform

Our developers are as committed to protecting your data as you are. We will work with you to develop software that is compliant with the operational processes and procedures required for your industry, all the while being mindful of your business goals and your budget. We build software solutions that implement secure usernames and passwords while providing clear tracking of tasks and the proper implementation of authorization forms.

Your business is compliant, so the software that you have developed for your business should be equally compliant with your operational processes and procedures. Whether your needs involve reliably backed-up data or compliance history that can be verified and confirmed, we can work with you to build a software solution that can help reduce liability and operating costs while enforcing compliance.

Some of the Compliant Applications we have worked on include:

  • Apps that monitor organic compounds
  • Apps to monitor and schedule inspections and create more efficient inspection routes
  • Apps with built-in audit logging tools
  • Field Data Calibration
  • HIPAA-compliant biomedical apps
  • Software to track compliance based on government rules and regulations
  • Tours that enable technicians to inspect components and ensure they pass compliance requirements on schedule
Do you need help with the development of a compliant application software project? Contact us for a free consultation.

OSHA Compliant Software Projects

Do you need help with the development of a compliant application software project? Contact us for a free consultation.

HIPAA Compliant Software

  • Protected Health Information (PHI)
  • Ensure that a PHI app is HIPAA compliant if it is used to share a patient’s protected health data with a doctor or hospital, etc.
  • Software that meets the guidelines suggested by HIPAA
  • HIPAA-compliant biomedical apps
  • Learn more about our Biomedical Software development
Do you need help with the development of a compliant application software project? Contact us for a free consultation.

Security & Privacy Protection

  • Apps and software packages that provide the “minimum necessary” information required for an employee to do their job
  • Ensure that information is restricted or available to the people in your organization who need it
  • Define specific roles and access levels in your software package
  • Customize access levels to meet your needs
  • Work with your written policies regarding access levels and the “reasonable” handling of data to ensure privacy
  • Developers who are comfortable setting up your software while respecting the privacy of your data and limited access to sensitive data and information
  • Development that works behind your firewall
  • Encrypted communication
  • Protected environments
  • Up to date on the latest data security encryption recommendations
  • Update software when compliance regulations change
Do you need help with the development of a compliant application software project? Contact us for a free consultation.

Discussing your project with one of our developers is a great way to begin the process.

We’ve developed software for over 900 clients, including Apple, Google, and NASA.

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