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You’re an expert in your field, so you know what you’re looking for when it comes to the educational technology you need. The problem is that you can’t just pull that software off the shelf. That’s when you might start thinking about developing the software yourself, or finding the right software development company to build your software for you.

Perhaps you want to develop a mobile app that people can use in the field, in the classroom, or on-site. Or maybe you need integrated software that users can access via a desktop or web-based app with a more personalized learning experience.

We understand the challenges that one might encounter when putting theory into practice, particularly when it comes to your evolving teaching or training needs.

We know how to look at data, analyze it, and determine how to build the best software or mobile application to use that data to teach or train your end-users. Our iterative process allows us to set realistic milestones based on what we find in our discovery phase and our proof-of-concept analysis of your data, requirements and wishlist.

Our engineers are based in North America and have worked on projects for major educational institutes as well as corporate clients throughout the country. Our designers can work with you to integrate your digital libraries into custom-built adaptive teaching or training applications that can grow with your needs. Our UI/UX designers can coordinate with your internal team or work on their own to ensure that your applications or software function the way your users need them to. Visit our Portfolio to see more of our educational projects.

e-Learning & Training Business Solutions Post-launch SupportSoftware and App Examples

Common e-Learning and e-Training software features:

  • Personalized
  • Differentiated learning
  • Integrated online tools
  • Video tutorials
  • Multi-touch technology
  • Adaptive technology
  • Blended technology
  • Standards driven
  • Peer assessment tools
  • Scalable

We will collaborate with you to develop the high-level e-Learning applications you need that would have been impossible just a few years ago. We have built applications and software programs that range from assistive communication devices to language-Learning tools for children to applications that teach nurses how to care for specific wounds. Our very first web-based educational application, built in the mid 90s, provided an accredited online training curriculum for EMTs to maintain their certification. Many of the education applications we have developed are used by students, corporations and industries throughout the world.

Do you need help with the development of an e-Learning or e-Training software project? Contact us for a free consultation.

Use e-Learning technology to improve your business

Art+Logic developers have experience building applications to meet compliance rules and policy standards and can engineer your e-Learning or training platform to conform with any necessary requirements. Once we build your software, our developers can continue working with you to manage training sessions for third-party developers who want to use your software or to ensure that members of your organization can make the best use of the software we developed for you. We can also transform your legacy software application into a high-level, adaptive platform or help determine the best augmentation strategy for your existing software.

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We continue to work with you after the software is complete

Once we’ve tested your software and ensured that it’s ready for launch, our developers will help your organization with onboarding and making sure that your end-users receive a thorough introduction to the tools available to them through the app or the software platform.

  • Augmentation
  • Standardized testing software
  • Onboarding
  • Introduction to software
  • Updating your legacy software

Examples of e-Learning applications and software platforms we’ve developed for our clients:

  • Instructional applications
  • Game-based learning (gamification) platforms
  • Interactive learning applications
  • Mobile learning applications
  • Learning portals
  • Phone/tablet based training/fitness applications
  • Assistive communication devices
  • Speech and language therapy applications
  • Language acquisition software
  • Social movement systems modeling games
  • Music education software
  • Instrument instruction and skill-building software
  • Classroom music programs
  • Educational tools designed for differentiated learning
  • Custom training software
  • Competency-based learning
Do you need help with the development of an e-Learning or e-Training software project? Contact us for a free consultation.

Discussing your project with one of our developers is a great way to begin the process.

We’ve developed software for over 900 clients, including Apple, Google, and NASA.

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