Events + Conferences 2019


ADC London 2019

Brett g Porter is representing Art+Logic at the JUCE Audio developers conference this year.

October 29

Music Tectonics Conference 2019

Brett g Porter is representing Art+Logic at the Music Tectonics conference this year.


AES New York 2019

Brett g Porter is representing Art+Logic at AES this year.


Mondo NYC 2019

Brett g Porter is representing Art+Logic at Mondo this year.


TechDay LA 2019

Art+Logic will be attending TechDay LA at the REEF.
Attended by: Juan Carlos Perez and Adam Singleton.

July 4-5

UXD healthcare

Connect with our brilliant designer, Daisey Traynham, in Amsterdam.


May 13-16

Internet of Things world

Robert Freedman attended. 


May 2

TechDay NY 2019

Art+Logic attended TechDay NY at the Javits Center.
Attended by: Juan Carlos Perez, Brett g Porter, Daniel Popowich, and Adam Singleton.


April 17-18


Connect with Robert Freedman at the Computer History Museum.


March 8-12

SXSW 2019

Art+Logic proposals were selected for three events at SXSW 2019:
Native Cross-Platform Development With C++ & JUCE (Brett g Porter)
Coding for Audio & Music Technology Meet Up (Brett g Porter)
The Immigrant Executive (Juan Carlos Perez)


January 29-31


Robert Freedman represented Art+Logic at this show.


January 24-27

The NAMM Show 2019

Art+Logic attended NAMM for our 28th consecutive year. Brett g. Porter spoke on a panel as part of the A3E track — “Cloud Integration Strategy: Server vs Service.”


January 8-11


Robert Freedman was there, tracking developments in IoT and hardware.