Art+Logic has written custom software for almost three decades, across a huge variety of industries. We’ve learned that our ability to understand and anticipate our clients’ needs can be enhanced when we involve a domain expert.  To that end, we’ve created the Art+Logic Innovation Network.

Art+Logic Innovation Network is comprised of expert-level consultants from whom we can draw support when project complexity is high, the industry is unfamiliar, or other special needs arise.

Some Experts from Our Network. . .

Mark Dolson, Ph.D.

Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

Digital Audio, Music Technology, Music / Audio Algorithm Design, Consumer Audio Devices, Speech Processing, Hearables, Algorithm Design

Dr. Dolson has over thirty years of experience, both in academia and industry, in digital signal processing, digital audio, digital music, speech processing, and consumer audio devices. He has been a principal engineer, research scientist, research director, engineering product-development director, and consultant. He has assembled and led strong audio-technology-development teams both at established companies like Creative Labs and Plantronics and at a start-up, Audience. He has assisted Art+Logic most recently on a project involving the automated assessment of various aspects of speech prosody for an innovative online voice analysis application.

Alex Westner

Fidelity Labs, Cakewalk, iZotope

Product Strategist, Product Manager, Lean Experience, Design Sprint

Alex has over 15 years of experience leading product management, product strategy, and business development. He’s an MIT Media Lab alum, and has shipped over 100 software and hardware products for musicians and audio engineers (including an Engineering Emmy(R) Award winner). He’s currently a Director of Product Management at Fidelity Labs, after having served as Cakewalk’s VP of Product Strategy and Innovation and iZotope’s Director of Product Strategy. He operates his own consulting company, providing services for audio, music and VR/AR, backed by his extensive experience with Lean methodologies and Design Thinking.

Jagannath Rajagopal


Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science

Jagannath Rajagopal received his Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Tech in 1999. As the owner of DataSnap, Inc., Jag has been an entrepreneurial software developer for years. He is proficient with Deep Learning, and is the author and producer of the popular YouTube channel on Deep Learning,

Jasmine Foroutan

Pitch Genius Co, LLC

PitchDeck Expert 

Jasmine is a full-time pitch deck expert for tech startups, investors, and accelerators. She is the founder & CEO of Pitch Genius, a boutique pitch deck consulting firm on a mission to help more startups get funded. She is based in Los Angeles, but has also helped startups successfully pitch in San Francisco & New York.