What Are Progressive Web Apps?

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) continue to gain popularity within the tech community and are on course to become an integral part of app development. PWAs use modern web techniques to deliver a native app-like experience to users. While some companies like...

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Digging In The Dirt: 27 Years Of Project Data

About 10 years ago, Art+Logic christened its homebuilt project tracking and management system. At our Annual Conference that year, we voted on the name “Trantor.” I’m not a sci-fi nut like most of my colleagues but, apparently, the name comes from Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Series. Trantor was . . .

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Milestone versus Waterfall Development

Milestone-driven software development is Art+Logic’s proprietary, iterative development process based on proven agile principles. Each iteration contains all phases of a project: requirements gathering, design, implementation, testing, and delivery. Software is built incrementally from the start of the project instead of trying to deliver it all at once. This approach helps teams respond to unpredictability by promoting consistent and frequent opportunities for feedback.

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A Brief Introduction to Blockchain

At its simplest, a blockchain is a distributed database of transactions that are cryptographically linked to form an incorruptible chain. Transactions are grouped together at intervals to create a 'block.' Every new block depends on its ancestor block being unaltered....

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iOS 11: The Culling

Amid the OS updates rolled out last week, one of the iOS updates may have passed by the casual observer or novice application developer with little notice. iOS 11 no longer supports 32-bit applications. Technically, there’s no reason to not support 32-bit...

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Long in the Tooth: What to Do with Aging Software

Software development has moved through several ages as both technical innovation and the cultural evolution driven by those technical innovations has moved from the early adopters through the late adopters and permeated our expectations of what technology is. But, now, we’re seeing a wave of projects driven solely by applications just getting long in the tooth.

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When a Fixed Price is a Reasonable Option

I still run into a lot of companies that have the expectation that software development can be done on a fixed-price basis. They’re either still used to waterfall management style, or dealing with goods vendors, or, maybe a few are still running into software...

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Boston March 1911 Icy wind blew the pages of the young man's book from beneath his near-frozen fingers. His tattered gloves helped little. He huddled in an alley finding what warmth he could behind a bakery. The scent of baking bread made his mouth water but he dared...

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Art+Logic @ SXSW2018

Once again, Art+Logic will have folks attending the annual South by Southwest Interactive Festival in Austin, Texas. If you’re there and want to speak with someone from our sales, engineering, or recruiting groups, we’ll be attending from March 9-14. 

To set up a meeting, send an email to inquiries@artandlogic.com or send a Direct Message on Twitter to @artandlogic.

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