An application that would revolutionize an industry.

LDAR was determined to create a better leak detection monitoring and compliance platform

Existing platforms were written with dated technologies, failed to produce reproducible results and even relied on a poorly extended version of an application used to monitor fire extinguishers.

A contemporary, powerful, flexible and full-featured application.

LDAR Tools Inc.

We often hear that an application would “revolutionize” an industry and, usually, that’s hyperbole. When it came to this project, however, it was true.

TDF needed a new ADA-compliant site with an updated design that was designed and developed with best practices.

We were hired to create a website for a diverse set of users who would interact with the content using various assistive technologies such as VoiceOver, TalkBack, JAWS, etc.

We delivered a site that is fully accessible, keyboard friendly, and ADA-compliant, and designed to help theatre goers find accommodation-specific shows on Broadway.

Autism-friendly, sign-language interpreted, closed-captioned, and more.

Theatre Development Fund

Art+Logic began a collaborative effort with TDF to bring the current website up to ADA compliance, streamline navigation, and improve overall look & feel.

Refresh the websites of two large, well-established artist representation agencies.

Our directive was to replace the existing sites with a fresher, more modern design, while providing new logos, visually stunning layouts, and better search engine optimization.

Three key areas of functionality for each site were: a filterable portfolio, robust site search, and a clean admin interface.

Highly-customized WordPress site.

Mendola Art / Rap Art

Art+Logic created a more modern look, while also integrating better search engine optimization so that individual artists would rank higher in organic searches.

A customized health-risk assessment (HRA) tool.

TRALE needed Art+Logic to port their Win32 application to iOS so they could use the iPad as a data collection device.

Presenting data and user interactions intelligently and beautifully on the iPad and breaking the rigid history of the Win32 application was exciting.

Clearing Apple’s hurdles was a challenge.

TRALE / MyBioCheck

MyBioCheck makes it easy for you to quickly and efficiently collect, analyze and report real biometric data.

Sensor Networks

Sensor Networks products can be installed during new installations or retrofitted onto aging infrastructure, enabling the monitoring and calculation of projected failure dates so that maintenance can be performed and potentially catastrophic events can be averted.

The Windows 10 .NET Mobile App has to be functional despite factors ranging from poor lighting to bulky gloves to beating sleet or blazing sun.

Django/Python Web application with a PostgreSQL database hosted on AWS.

Sensor Networks

Dozens of customers have deployed arrays of SNI’s permanently installed sensors in facilities throughout Asia and the Americas.

Coding the “impossible.” ®

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