20th Century Fox is one of the most well-known and amazing companies in the world, producing cinematic hits since 1935. When it came time to revolutionize an integral process in the entertainment industry, they came to Art+Logic for a partner who could help them think outside the box and bring youthful insight to a dated procedure.

+Project: Telecine

If you don’t work in Hollywood, you’ve probably never heard the word “Telecine” before, but it is a very important part of how movies and TV shows get made. During filming, each day’s footage is packaged differently for each person who needs it. The editors, the sound designers, the composers, the directors, and the cinematographers, anywhere from 5 to 100 different people need “Dailies” (footage from each day of filming) configured and packaged a different way. This process used to be handled by interns who would run off the different copies for each person over night and ship them out appropriately. Art+Logic spent many a night working onsite at the Fox studios in Los Angeles, creating a Mac OS application to automate key features in this process and cutting what once took eight or ten hours down to just a fraction of the time. We developed a process that created a new standard for the entertainment industry, and principles we created are still in place today. The process was so successful that other studios started renting out Fox’s automated Telecine room until they could build their own. This is just one of many examples where work we’ve done at Art+Logic has rippled out to affect whole industries.

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