Consisting of companies like Lockheed Martin, Boeing, NASA, GE, the NPSS Consortium sets a high bar for its development partners. Art+Logic is honored to be a part of their team and deliver code that meets their exacting standards.

+ Project: EngineAnalyzer

Members of the consortium like Lockheed Martin and Boeing utilize their engine analyzation tool to view how parts of engines perform when operating together. When they brought the project to Art+Logic, it was entirely a command line program. We endeavored to build cross-platform (Windows & Linux) C++/Qt GUI which would provide more vivid feedback and reports with drag and drop capabilities, as well as preserving the command line interface for those who wished to continue utilizing it. We successfully implemented a GUI including model building using object library, data plotting, script-based customization, and full-text searching. We created a multiple document interface that displays schematics, hierarchical views, and object variables among others.

The NPSS Consortium has been very pleased with Art+Logic, good results obtained with very high-level direction as they took ownership.

Randy Cepress w/GE