Bongiovi has deep roots in the recording industry and brings cutting edge design and high quality audio to customers worldwide. Art+Logic has worked with Bongiovi on several occasions since they first contacted us in 2010. Our deep bench of highly skilled development professionals, established 20+ year presence, and extensive knowledge of pro-audio software engineering appealed to them and made partnering with Art+Logic the logical choice.

+ Project: Digital Power Station for Windows

Bongiovi Acoustics came to Art+Logic with an existing iTunes application specific to Apple computers. Originally, they requested that we port it to work with iTunes on Windows, but based on our advice, they chose to move forward with a system-wide implementation. Our experts created an audio enhancing program that would work on any and all audio played on the user’s Windows computer, uncoupled from any specific music program. DPS went on to win CES’s 2012 Innovations and Honorees award in the software and mobile applications category.

+ Project: Digital Power Station for Mac

With the incredible success of the Windows program, the next obvious step for Bongiovi was to uncouple the Mac application from iTunes and make it a system-side tool as well. We also developed new Installer and Uninstaller applications for the tool, and coded enhancements for Airplay, Notification Center, and an advanced EQ. Lastly, our graphic Design team worked with Bongiovi to make the UI a bit more idiomatic and intuitive for Apple’s regular users.

We developed software for Bongiovi Acoustics