Brother is one of the best-known names in the printing business, and they don’t trust just anybody to develop software for new business ventures. When they ask one of their vendors to manage a delicate project, they need someone who will treat that project as if it was their own. That’s why Brother comes to Art+Logic.

+ Project: Image Bank

Brother developed a line of garment printers and needed companion software to make the creation and production of attractive T-shirt designs simple and intuitive, while still securely decrypting and accounting for licensed images. Brother’s proprietary printer control methods had to work flawlessly with the new software. Art+Logic made frequent trips to Brother’s home office for testing and validation of the software using Brother’s prototype hardware. It was imperative that the UI be easy enough for printing clerks and customers at party store kiosks to be able to produce great T-shirt designs. Our graphic design team and engineering team ensured that the software met all of Brother’s rigid standards and that the project was a great success.