Carousel Designs is an online retail store that began 25 years ago as a boutique design studio. Around 2005, a new generation of leadership decided to expand the company by offering customers the ability to use web browsers to design and configure custom home fixtures. Starting from scratch, they contacted Art+Logic to consult and manage the process of catapulting them onto the web.


+ Project: Nursery Designer

Nursery Designer is a Flex-based website Art+Logic helped Carousel design and build. We created a component that lets soon-to-be parents select from hundreds of fabric patterns to see in real time what those fabric configurations would look like in their home. As families use the tool, they see dynamic updates as they select different choices. We are currently working with Carousel to update the application to HTML5.

+ Project: Drape Designer
Based on the success Nursery Designer, Art+Logic again partnered with Carousel to create Drape Designer. Utilizing the relevant code base from the Nursery Designer web application, we created an engine which allows apartment and homeowners alike, as well as interior design professionals, to see different drapery fabric configurations, better enabling them to make informed decisions about their home decor needs. By reusing code from the nursery application, we ensured that this was an economical project for Carousel, and it has proven to be just as popular as the baby bedding designer site.