We have been a proud partner of Coca-Cola for over 8 years. Since 2005, Coca-Cola has trusted Art+Logic with very important aspects of their analytics and reporting. When they need web-based tools to manage inventory data, Art+Logic steps in to ascertain their requirements, and work with them to produce tools that will help Coca-Cola expand their revenue opportunities, and see, in real time, where there might be gaps in their earning potential. They count on Art+Logic to understand their business, and build the technology they need to stay on top of their business.

+ Project: Store Level Data

Coca-Cola had a legacy ASP.NET stock analysis tool that needed feature enhancements. After studying the legacy code, Art and Logic stepped in to drive the software in the direction Coke needed to fully manage their regional stock levels. We provided guidance and consultation, which lead Coke to move the tool over to Java. Art+Logic developed the entire Java version of the tool, which allows the inventory team to upload new data, run reports, and export data onto different platforms.

+ Project: Out of Stock

Coca-Cola needed an online utility that was capable of tracking and reporting out of stock events for their products at various stores. These events are very important to Coke because every time stock runs out in a store, sales opportunities are lost. A tool that could analyze data and prevent out of stock events would enhance Coke’s sales. It allows for upload and storage of data files on an Oracle database. Users can run a variety of reports against the data and export for further analysis. We’ve helped them migrate the application to a more stable set of servers and continue to enhance the features whenever they require. Art+Logic started work on the Java application in 2007 and Coca-Cola continues to trust us with this important piece of their business. We are proud to be development partners with one of the biggest companies in the world.