Creative has a history of excellence in manufacturing and distributing video and sound equipment. For over 25 years, they have grown into a global force in consumer electronics. Art+Logic is proud to have partnered with them on numerous occasions to produce outstanding software to accompany their amazing hardware.

+ Project: Vado

The successful and popular Vado camera is among the best-in-class of portable video cameras and has opened up movie-making and memory-capturing to a wide array of people. Originally, Vado only had accompanying software for PC users, and Creative came to Art+Logic to bring that fantastic experience to Mac users. Not only did they want full parity with the PC version of the software, they needed to provide an intuitive Mac experience to their savvy users, and do it all in a matter of weeks to meet a shipping deadline. With our deep knowledge of both Digital Asset Management and OS X, we provided a powerful Mac client that was fully-featured, internationalized, and within their deadline. We worked with them through multiple additional versions of the software, and are proud to count them among our list of partners.

+ Project: Zen Linux Audio

Creative developed the Zen mp3 player for the Google Chromium open source operating system and produced a Linux audio driver for the hardware. They called on Art+Logic for our institutional device driver and audio driver experience to put the finishing touches and make sure the driver met the standards of Linux’s sound stack, ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture), modify the style, and verify its functionality. We worked closely with their Taiwanese team to ensure the driver was up to speed and submitted it successfully for approval to Linux.