XDAM has partnered with Art+Logic to develop its Digital Asset Management (DAM) system since 2005. Art+Logic developed XDAM from a simple photography organizing tool for photo labs and photographers in the entertainment industry into a full-featured, customizable enterprise multimedia management system deployed by NBCUniversal, Discovery Communications, Getty Images, New York Daily News, Starz, and the Hallmark Channel.

The X in XDAM stands for eXtensible, and Art+Logic developed XDAM to meet the unique needs of each customer’s photography workflow by providing a core set of tools used across all types of organizations coupled with the ability for each customer to specify the roles, permissions, metadata, and workflow peculiar to them.

Art+Logic helps XDAM build to order for each of their customers, developing a solution tailored to their specific needs, while maintaining a core code base which is over 95% common to all deployments. The architecture designed by Art+Logic enables us to develop unique solutions for multiple XDAM customers in parallel, with new features being added to the benefit of each client.

+ Project: Discovery XDAM

Discovery Communications was using two separate applications for managing their digital assets prior to engaging XDAM and Art+Logic: one for managing photography for internal use and the other for sharing with media partners. The XDAM application built and customized by Art+Logic provides two interfaces: one for internal management of all photography and a second interface, called Asset Distribution (AD), for sharing limited media from XDAM with content partners. Art+Logic developed a system to import all of Discovery’s legacy assets from their two prior applications, aggregate all of the content in XDAM, and share the external content through the AD site, which Discovery brands as Photobank.