iGlobe allows users to interactively explore The Blue Planet using live data from NOAA and NASA. Art+Logic has been working with the founders of iGlobe since it’s near inception to transform their vision into reality with both desktop and mobile controller solutions. Now with multiple versions of the application, which runs on the macOS and iOS platforms, including an inflatable portable planetarium solution called the HyperDome, iGlobe has received praise from MacWorld and a grant from the NSF in conjunction with MIT. We’re supporting that effort now by implementing a dual-screen display feature and continue to maintain the codebase through upgrades to the OS.

“The iGlobe3D is an incredibly cool treat for the senses. I am very impressed by its ingenious design, simplicity and versatility. It opens up a whole new window for museums and educators to display a wide variety of concepts making them visually stunning and easy to grasp.” – Macworld

Screenshot of software that Art & Logic developed for Yamaha.