JBL is known for their high-end consumer and professional audio components, specifically for the full, rich sound their speakers deliver. Audiophiles all over the world defer to JBL’s expertise whether they are setting up a professional recording studio or a top-of-the-line home stereo. For this reason, JBL needs to know that their software developer cares as much about their product as they do and will pay attention to the details to make sure that the user experience matches the sound coming from their speakers. Art+Logic is happy to oblige.

+ Project: TSeries

JBL’s LSR4300 series of surround sound speakers need to be set up perfectly in order to deliver optimum sound. In order to ensure their users are able to arrange the speakers properly, JBL commissioned Art+Logic to design a visualization tool called Control Center. Utilizing information from the built-in software in the speakers, we designed a control panel application that interfaces with a computer via USB cable and visualizes the layout of the speakers based on test sounds. Using 3D models of the speakers and OpenGL technology, you can project on the screen the placement of the speakers in the room as well as a ghost image of the speaker that determined where the speaker should be placed for optimal sound. You can find this technology in stores today.