Mayer-Johnson is an innovator in the field of speech and language therapy. With the advent of mobile, multi-touch technology, they saw tools that could be used to help speech and language therapists and children all over the world. Acting on a referral from an innovator in the field of assistive communication devices, Blink Twice, they contacted Art+Logic, and we’ve been their development partner ever since, producing award-winning mobile applications that are helping people every day.

+ Project: PCS Boardmaker

Initially, this project was undertaken as a proof of concept for specialists in speech and language therapy. The synergy of their speech and language expertise, combined with our technological expertise produced applications that have helped hundreds of thousands of people. Leveraging the way touchpad devices can eliminate hurdles to learning like the need for fine motor skills, we worked closely with their specialists to create applications that not only meet Apple’s interface guidelines, but also meet the therapeutic needs of speech and language professionals and their clients. Things like using large buttons, animations designed to be affirming but not jarring, subtle sound cues, and locking the orientation of the application for children with autism are now standards in S&L therapy software. We also developed scripts and tools that Mayer-Johnson could employ to update the applications themselves. The Boardmaker applications have been advertised in Times Square and sold more than 600,000 units in the Apple App Store.