Media Logic is a longstanding marketing company. Recognizing the power of social media early on, they sought to guide their business in a new direction by creating a new platform to manage their clients’ social interactions with their customers. Art+Logic joined forces with Media Logic to create a robust social media management application.

+ Project: Zeitgeist & Coffee

Zeitgeist is a forum portal through which Media Logic’s employees can interact on marketing campaigns designed specifically for Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. They can create content for each platform specific to the platform’s requirements (video for YouTube, 140 character limit for Twitter, etc…) and process it through all the different approval channels and department subdivisions. The application is designed to replicate the social media experience, so it supports features like tagging, events, and scheduling. We consulted with Media Logic to understand their workflows and needs, and we helped them create a system that would pass content through a strict approval process at the appropriate pace, allow scheduling of posts to various social media sites, and provide reporting on important social media statistics such as likes, comments, and retweets. We were able to navigate client personnel transitions and shifting requirements to build a useful, modern marketing tool.