Art+Logic is a continuing partner of both Motorola BCS and Motorola Mobility. When it comes to low-level and device integration development combined with modern web front- and back-end work, Motorola recognizes Art+Logic for their expertise. For five years Motorola has sought our help managing development projects for some of their most complicated and delicate hardware. They recognize us as the dependable, proven resource for the projects where failure is not an option.

+ Project: HH1620Web Web Interface

We worked closely with the Motorola Mobility team in Bangalore, India to develop an intuitive PHP-based web interface for the SBG6582 network attached storage device and cable modem. It runs on an embedded version of Linux and uses Google’s Mollify file browser to provide state of the art file and digital media browsing to its users. Again due to the complex nature of working with offshore teams, providing stable leadership was a key component of this project’s success.

+ Project: SBG6582 Network Attached Storage Web Interface

Motorola needed an embedded web interface for the HH1620Web, a wireless gateway/VoIP device. Using HTML and Javascript, we created a GUI that supports protected and remote access to both wired and wireless home networking. During development elements of the web-backend were evolving, so dedicated communication was key to delivering success for Motorola. We started off working with a U.S. based Motorola team and provided a stable environment for the transition to an off-shore Motorola team, maintaining ownership of the management of the project to ensure a great product.

+ Project: SURFboard Device Management System

Starting in 2002 and continuing through to the present day, Art+Logic has worked with Motorola to provide a custom web interface and stable device management system based on our own custom framework for their popular SURFboard modems. The API we developed allows cable service providers to customize the interface, selectively hide and show content, and change field permissions. We integrated all of this with a custom version of the GoAhead Webserver, all in a product that has proven itself one of the best cable modems on the market for more than a decade.