Razer is a leading gaming device manufacturer, and develop most of their own software. When they need outside help on projects they turn to Art and Logic as a trusted resource for a wide variety of technologies with a deep bench of developers.

+ Project: Death Adder Mouse Drivers and Interface

Death Adder had a top notch Windows driver and device interface for their top of the line Death Adder gaming mouse. When it came time to port that software to Mac, drivers and all, they contacted Art+Logic. They were intent on mimicking the totally custom Windows experience they had developed, which presented its own unique set of challenges. Our expertise in deep OS X development and top-notch graphic design team enabled us to achieve the level of sophistication they desired for the Mac platform. Working with their Singapore team, we were able to localize the software into eight different languages. This was another endeavor where our proprietary project management processes enabled us to keep a large project and diverse team working smoothly.

Screenshot of software we developed for Razer.