When it comes to digital music creation, no one knows the industry better than Roland. For 40 years they’ve been at the top of a growing industry, so when they decide to outsource a development project, they need to know that they can count on their custom software firm to deliver. That’s why, when it came time to develop a software development kit for the Roland VS line of digital audio workstations, they came to Art+Logic.

+ Project: VS Digital Audio Workstation SDK

When Roland needed an SDK for third-party developers for their VS Digital Audio Workstations, we flew to Japan to work with their engineering team to determine exactly what kind of features potential developers would need in an SDK. From there we created a code framework, documentation, and some sample plugins for developers to use as reference points when learning the new SDK. We held day-long training sessions at the Roland offices in Los Angeles for interested third-party developers and worked alongside the Roland team at trade shows to discuss the SDK with interested developers. We provided ongoing support for all the companies that licensed the SDK, shielding Roland’s engineers in Japan from routine questions and advocating for the creation of new features as they were requested by developers.