Workbook was established in 1977 as a sourcebook for Los Angeles creative talent. Since then it has become a prestigious industry publication, bringing together top advertising talent and creativity from around the world. Since 2007, Workbook has entrusted its modernization efforts to Art+Logic, and we’ve provided them with consultation and development on projects to help make sure that Workbook not only stays relevant but on the cutting edge in pairing graphics professionals with clients.

+ Project: Workbook Web

In 2007, we were hired to redevelop using Python and TurboGears. The website houses over 50,000 listings featuring creative buyers, representatives, industry resources, suppliers, and talent. It provides a way for graphics professionals to contact and interact with the people in the entertainment and other industries who might purchase their art. Artists can store and edit digital media and create portfolios so that agents and industry professionals can have secure access to the artists’ work and potential contacts, and work with leading, adaptable marketing tools. We worked closely with Workbook to create a sophisticated professional network for creative and industry pros that looks great and provides an indelible service for individuals and agencies.

+ Project: Yodelist

With the overwhelming success of, Workbook contacted Art+Logic about building a new web application that would provide a contact search and email marketing system for creative professionals. Building from the solid foundation of, we were able to decouple the relevant, reusable code from in order to save our client valuable time and money. Our primary contact and client-side project manager at Yodelist worked with our development team to design and drive the applications user interface. Our expert developers were able to quickly adapt to Workbook’s requirements as they were in flux. We utilized JavaScript, Python, and SQL, among other technologies to build Yodelist. Yodelist is currently in public release to an awesome positive response.