Whether the industry is electronics, music equipment, or motorcycles, Yamaha strives for and reaches excellence in all they do. For over 125 years, Yamaha’s commitment to expansion and perfection has not foundered, and Art+Logic was proud to be a part of their tactical decisions.

+ Project: Music in Education

The philosophy of the Music in Education program is singular in purpose: to create a classroom music program that provides a contemporary focus to the musical and curricular traditions of the general music classroom.” At Art+Logic we’ve done a lot of work in the field of education, and it is one of our favorite spaces to work in. This project is no different. Yamaha approached us with an existent Windows application they wished to launch on the Mac OS X platform. We transformed it into a native Cocoa application, with high-level MIDI integration. The software provides a hands-on learning experience for students, while allowing instructors to move freely among them, wirelessly accessing accompaniments and samples via a remote control system.

Screenshot of software that Art & Logic developed for Yamaha.