York Zimmerman is a unique company with a bold vision that needed a custom software firm to match their passion, integrity and drive. Since our involvement in the People Power Game began, we have been York Zimmerman’s partner in development, providing maintenance and new feature development to this day. We have learned a great deal from their dedicated staff, and have contributed to the game both technically and artistically, including creating a musical score for the project. The relationship between York Zimmerman and Art+Logic is the definition of the symbiotic partnership we strive to forge with each of our clients.

+ Project: People Power Game

We were excited when York Zimmerman approached us with their exciting, ongoing project. They wanted to create a game that could be used internationally to teach the principles of non-violent resistance and target protesters and resistance movements engaged in active struggle around the world as well as students and traditional gamers. We started with face to face meetings with the YZ game producers and worked together reviewing dozens of pages of sophisticated mathematical models, while balancing that with intuition about what gamers would expect, to help YZ flesh out their software requirements. In the end, we were able to produce Mac, Windows, and Web versions of a powerful game that is used all around the world to help fight for freedom. In film footage of the recent Egyptian pro-democratic uprising, People Power: The Game of Civil Resistance could be seen running on the laptop of a leader in the democracy movement.