The Impact of “Robles v Domino’s Pizza” on Web and Mobile Applications

Cover image of court decision for Robles v Dominos Accessibility Case

On January 15th, the 9th District Court ruled against Domino’s Pizza in a case that, if you are paying attention, telegraphs a topic that should be on every website, web application and mobile application developer’s mind.

The court found that websites, web applications, and mobile applications were, indeed, mediums covered under the ADA, which ensures that people with disabilities enjoy parity of access with able-bodied individuals. (more…)

Four Things to Know before You Start a Compliance-Focused Software Project

Why would a reasonable person undertake one of the most difficult types of software development efforts out there? Very rarely the answer is because it just sounds like a wicked fun thing to do. Usually, the decision is driven by the realization that you, as a business, are backed into a corner and, despite months or years of Denial, Bargaining, Anger, and Depression you’ve finally come to accept that the pain of creating or updating this application is equal to or less than the current or inevitable pain of not doing so.

The root of this pain can be summed as follows: (more…)