Mayo, Spam, and the Coming ‘Internet of Things’ Arms Race

Mayo, Spam, and the Coming ‘Internet of Things’ Arms Race

A Horrifying Vision

I’m back in the office today after two days at an Internet of Things Expo in Manhattan. We’re clearly at a weird state where everyone in the world knows that something big is about to happen, but no one has any idea where or how. Lots of people were expressing frustration that there are no clear standards yet. COAP? MQTT? Turns out that there are already startups doing their best to sell services that will abstract away pesky details like underlying wire protocols. I even brought home a brochure from a company that’s claiming that they’ll be able to implement your entire IoT product vision without any software development effort at all! I think I’ve posted here before about how many times in my career as a developer I’ve seen this wave of ‘Programming without Programmers’ snake oil come back to life.

One panelist commented that it felt a lot like the early days of the internet all over again.

During another presentation, I saw how right he was. (more…)

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