Radically Cross Platform: Animation

Linnet_kineograph_1886(This is a continuing series sharing design and implementation notes for a cross platform 2D game or graphical app engine I wrote in C# using Xamarin and Monogame.)

It was hard to choose next between covering the animation system, physics engine, or custom scripting language, as each is essential in its own way, and they’re also tightly integrated. But let’s start with animation. (more…)

Radically Cross Platform: Spritesheets

(Third in the “Radically Cross Platform” series of posts; see previous posts about Xamarin, Memory Management, and Serialization.)

This is supposed to be about spritesheets, aka texture atlases, which are raster (bitmap, or pixel based) collections of multiple smaller raster images into individual, larger raster images.

Raster, because everything your app presents visually is a raster image.  Your video adapter and monitor deal in raster pixels.

What I would rather talk about, however is:


Digital Doodles

Daisey Doodle

I’m a doodler. I’ve always enjoyed doodling. Even as a kid, anything within the diameter of our kitchen phone chord’s reach was covered in spirals, patterns, 3D names and numbers. School notebooks and folders were tricked out with ballpoint pen illustrations, band name fonts, hearts and peace signs. 

Now I’m all grown up and I get paid to doodle. Life is good. 🙂


Font Awesome – It Really Is


Do your web buttons or icons pixelate when displayed on retina devices? Do you crave a solution that isn’t hacky (like attempting to detect the type of display being used)? Enter Font Awesome. (more…)