Cloudy with a Chance of VMs: Scaling Up & Out with Azure

Azure Cloud Circuit Board

Many undocumented subtleties figure prominently when designing and scaling the Azure architecture of a new Azure Web App, whether starting from scratch or porting an existing .NET app to the Azure Cloud. It’s always best to determine system compatibilities and custom needs prior to deployment. While Microsoft’s Azure documentation is generally good, navigating the often undocumented details can prevent pitfalls and optimize the scalability of your Azure Cloud-based solution.


Radically Cross Platform with Xamarin


Shared cross platform development is a concept that resonates very positively with all of us as programmers. It’s a nice outworking of the DRY principle, and seems like it would free engineers up to accomplish more.  So why is it so rare that we do it?

I recently asked myself that question while planning a personal mobile project, and here’s what I came up with: (more…)