3 Ways Technology is Driving Customer Service in 2015


Customer satisfaction is increasingly being linked to revenue growth for field services companies, with a recent Aberdeen report finding that organizations that achieved a 90% rating in customer satisfaction also enjoyed a 6.1% growth in their service revenues and a 3.7% growth in overall revenue. In light of the link between delighting the customer and the benefits a company can expect in return, the industry is looking to technology for disruption in customer service practices. (more…)

How Custom Apps Are Connecting Field Service Workforces


If you’re a transportation company, you may send drivers all across the country shipping goods to your clients. In this business, even the best drivers will get into accidents from time to time. In order to manage questions of liability, it’s essential for your business to capture the best possible information on the scene of these accidents. What’s more, you need to be able to store and access this data in a systematic, reliable way.

This is a problem of distributed data and processes in the physical world. So it’s a great match for a custom field solution app — in this case, you might create a specialized application for accident reporting. Your drivers could immediately fill out the information you need, capture, send, and archive photos from the scene, allowing your company to respond immediately. (more…)

Building a Custom Mobile Application for Business: Native or Responsive Web App?


At the outset of a custom mobile application project, one major decision will impact everything that follows: Will you create a native or a web app?

Often, a company will begin a project with a firm conviction that they should choose one implementation direction — when the true business goals of their application indicate they should choose the other. So how do you decide? (more…)