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Custom Software Development with Pricing


Need custom software? Discussing your project with our developers is a great way to begin.

Do you need a custom content management system (CMS)? Have you been looking for .NET developers? Would your business benefit from Amazon Web Services (AWS)? Are you already certain about using PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails or do you have questions about what’s best for your project? Is Django the right framework for your mobile application?

You don’t have to know the answers to those questions. That’s our job. No matter the size of your project, we’ll work with you to choose the best software technology to meet your needs, and use a lean development process to help your project succeed.

Our clients range from Apple and Google to entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes. Our main office is in Pasadena, with satellite offices in New York, Seattle, Austin, Eire, Salt Lake City, and Milwaukee. What can we build for you?

Some of custom software development team at Art & Logic

My respect for your talents, skills, and work ethic are beyond comparison, and I believe you will continue to produce amazing products that shake the industries therein.

Paul Gonzalez


How much does software development cost?

It depends. Generally, the projects we work on fall into one of the categories below.


1 Developer/Project Manager
1 Part-time Quality Assurance Tester
1 Part-time UI/UX Designer


1 Project Manager/Developer
1+ Additional Developer(s)
1 Part-time Quality Assurance Tester
1 Part-time UI/UX Designer


1 Full-time Project Manager
2+ Developers
1 Application Architect
1+ Full-time Quality Assurance Tester
1+ Full-time UI/UX Designer
*May also include database administration (DBA) and Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) services.

Simple Project Examples

Mobile applications (multi-platform) with no server-side implementation.
Mobile applications (multi-platform) with discrete server-side implementation supporting mobile functionality.
Well-defined, limited feature set web-applications.

Moderate Project Examples

Enterprise applications integrating web and mobile functionality.
Consumer-facing service applications.
Applications with user-management, multiple user roles, moderate business logic, or siloed workflows.

Complex Project Examples

Enterprise applications supporting complex business logic, hardware, third-party applications, complex user workflows, robust reporting.
Data-driven applications.
Consumer-facing application supporting mobile devices, social functionality, AI, complex user interactions, robust reporting.

Software Services

What kind of software do you need? We build mobile/wearable apps, desktop software, web/cloud solutions, and more. Not sure what kind of software development service you need? Contact us to schedule a free consultation.


In addition to developing biomedical, educational, and pro-audio software, we also build compliant software, drivers, IoT apps, and software that services many other industries. We code the “impossible.”

Development Process

Our milestone-driven software development process makes it easier to plan, define, and estimate the work that needs to be done, while allowing you to make changes when needed. Let your project benefit from our a lean, agile process.

Our Clients

We do a lot of work that we’re not permitted to discuss, so we’re a great choice if you want to keep our involvement private. That said, our portfolio highlights some of the work our clients have given us permission to showcase.

Looking Back at 2016 and Looking Forward to 2017

Looking Back at 2016 and Looking Forward to 2017

As we reach the end of 2016, let’s take a look at some of the stuff we wrote about over the course of the year. We shared our thoughts on custom software development, looking at the such things as: the differences between composing and improvising; the value of refactoring; the nuances of following a lean-startup model; the conflict between Apple and the FBI; what happens when bad projects happen to good people; and a top ten list of the ways in which software development is like parenting. (more…)

A Few of Our New Year’s Resolutions

A Few of Our New Year’s Resolutions

I resolve to brighten the lives and businesses of our clients and partners at every touch point.

I resolve to be more creative and persistent in uncovering the deepest and most meaningful ways in which we can impact our clients’ and partners’ success.

I resolve to get better at explaining how software is a creative medium and needs breathing room for creativity to flourish. (more…)

What Does It Mean to Be a “Thought Leader”?

What Does It Mean to Be a “Thought Leader”?

“In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s there are few.”

— Shunryu Suzuki

I was recently given the opportunity to present myself as a “thought leader for my industry.” I’ve been pondering this. What do I know? What do I know so deeply and fully that others might want to hear my opinions about it? Not much, it seems. Actually, I don’t have nearly as many answers as I have questions. But more than this, it’s the questions that really keep me interested. (more…)

The Apple Watch is Silly, Isn’t It?

The Apple Watch is Silly, Isn’t It?

I love my smartphone. Like many of us today, I couldn’t live without my phone. I don’t do anything these days until my phone tells me I need to do it. Ok. Maybe slightly hyperbolic, but I can certainly say without exaggeration that I’m a more organized and productive person because of my phone.

But, the idea of a smart, wearable device? I didn’t get the point of it. Why would I want to take the functionality of my phone and compress it into an even smaller screen? It’s already tough enough to navigate my 4.7-inch smartphone. The idea of navigating an interface only slightly larger than a postage stamp was laughable. (more…)

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