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We code the “impossible.”

How do we do it?
We find solutions where others see obstacles.


We’ve been in the custom software development business for over 25 years, and during that time we’ve successfully delivered projects to clients that were told their ideas were “impossible.”

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Let us build your software project.

Our lean software development process helps clients maintain their vision for their project, while allowing for the realities of custom software development. Our process is flexible, agile, transparent, cooperative, and focused on delivering successful results.

My respect for your talents, skills, and work ethic are beyond comparison, and I believe you will continue to produce amazing products that shake the industries therein.
– Paul Gonzalez, Google

Mobile Apps

Tell us what you need, and we’ll work with you to create the mobile app that can transform your business. We built one of the first apps available in the App Store and have been developing mobile applications consistently since 2007.
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Desktop Software

Even with the leap to cloud computing, there are times when a program is required to interface with local hardware and quickly process and return such large amounts of data that a desktop application is still the best, most cost-effective solution. Let us build your desktop application. We’ll make it robust and secure.
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Web/Cloud Software

Python, Ruby on Rails, PHP, AngularJS, etc., even if you don’t recognize these, we know them through and through. We’ll talk with you, get to know your needs and wants, and then recommend the best options for developing your web/cloud application. We’ve been developing custom web apps since 1996, so you can rely on our expertise to engineer your custom solution.
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More is a funny term — it’s inexact and maybe even a bit vague, but it’s useful here as a segue into the many types of software and apps we’ve developed that don’t fit into the mobile, desktop or web/cloud category. For us, more includes drivers, games, embedded systems, and high-level work we’re not allowed to talk about. Our onshore software developers can build what you need.
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. . . well, the industries of some of our clients. It would be hard to categorize them all.


Do you need custom software that complies with the unique policies, procedures, or guidelines of your industry? Our engineers are based in North America and have extensive experience building compliant software.


We can build teaching or training software that aligns with your goals and effectively conveys the vital information you want to distribute. Let our engineers review your data, analyze it, build what you need.


IoT is all about managing data, and we’ve been working with IoT-type devices and big data since before the terms were coined. IoT is growing and we can help your business grow with it.


Contact us to learn how our developers can build your HIPAA compliant software to manage data, improve communications, or train and test your team. We understand the FDA approval process and patient privacy.


We’re as passionate about audio software as we are about writing elegant code. Audio pros, recording engineers, and artists have been working with us to engineer their audio applications for over 25 years.


Our Virtual Chief Technology Officer can help you avoid some of the common mistakes entrepreneurs make when building their own software. We can bring a much-needed pragmatic edge to the implementation of your idea.

We gave our first software development project to Art & Logic when our local programmer said that what we wanted couldn’t be done. They not only proved him wrong, but the work that Art & Logic has done for us has been absolutely excellent.
– Ted Dykes CEO, LoanRates Online, Inc.

Our Process

We use a milestone-driven approach based on proven, lean development principles.
Milestones promote:

  • A focused and efficient use of budget
  • Visible and verifiable progress
  • Frequent opportunities to make refinements
  • Cooperative prioritization of work
  • Successful results
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Talk To Us About Your Project

Let us build your custom software application.

Discussing your custom software project with our developers is a great way to begin the process. We may be able to suggest tools that will save time or reduce long-term code maintenance costs.

Nanobot: A Tiny Little Twitterbot Framework

Nanobot: A Tiny Little Twitterbot Framework

There’s been a lot of talk this year about bots and conversational interfaces becoming an increasingly important tool for software developers. A few years ago I wrote about a twitterbot that I created, and I’ve just pulled out all of the common logic into a Python framework that you can use to quickly create your own twitterbots by focusing on just the bits that make your bot unique.

Check out ‘nanobot’.

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Kill Your Darlings: Exploring “The Lean Startup” through Nature, Part I

Kill Your Darlings: Exploring “The Lean Startup” through Nature, Part I

Adapt or die. Accept change or risk losing everything the organism has endeavored to achieve. Let go of what one thought one was to become and be what one is. Kill your darlings. Faulkner’s oft-quoted phrase is frequently used to admonish young writers to edit critically, even when that means killing off beloved, favored words, sentences, paragraphs, themes and even characters. It is advice I have clearly not taken here but let’s set that aside for the time being.

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Federal Appeals Court Upheld Net Neutrality Rules

Federal Appeals Court Upheld Net Neutrality Rules

The federal appeals court in Washington, D.C. decided to keep the rules that require Internet providers to treat all web traffic equally. Internet providers had been challenging the FCC’s determination that phone and cable companies should not throttle or block websites from companies that are not willing to pay extra for a virtual fast lane online. Essentially, it means that high-speed internet should be defined as a utility rather than as a luxury and that no broadband service provider, whether fixed or mobile, should interfere with a consumer or business’ access to a fast, fair, and open internet. The FCC summarizes the rules as follows:

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