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Many of our designers and developers also have backgrounds as musicians and audio engineers!

Pro Audio Software and Music Technology Development

You don’t want to entrust your pro audio or music technology project to just any development firm. You want to work with software engineers who understand the nuances of integrating custom code with audio hardware and who are as passionate about audio software as they are about writing elegant code. Whether you’re an audio professional, recording engineer, or an artist — or any combination of the three — we are here to help you through all facets of your audio software project. We can work with you to select the right technology, develop the best software, and make the most of today’s connected instruments.

MIDI 2.0

MIDI 2.0

After over 35 years, MIDI 2.0 specs have been released. As the only dedicated software company that contributed to the new standards, Art+Logic can help you design and develop the software you need for your gear. Whether you’re creating something entirely new or updating a design, talk to us and find out more about how we can help you make the most of MIDI 2.0.

We develop software used by artists, audio professionals, and recording engineers throughout the world.


When you work with Art+Logic, we’ll ensure the right technology is implemented in your audio plugins, digital asset management programs, content delivery systems, app and more. We are experts in pro audio software design and development.


Just as the digital distribution of music has evolved, so too have the instruments and techniques used to create new sounds. From coding instrument firmware to building musical education software to updating the UI in an audio plugin, we develop software used by artists, audio professionals, and recording engineers throughout the world.


Whether you need to develop a new audio app or update your legacy software, talk to us. We can design and develop the software you need. We build software that helps boost and expand portability and expand the creative freedom of today’s pro audio professionals.



In addition to creating the software and hardware for your product, we can also help you devise a lean product strategy. By getting a better understanding of your competitive landscape, you can refine your value proposition by identifying the problem you are trying to solve and better assess your initial product and market fit. We can help you define a minimum viable product (MVP), create the plan to build it, establish design metrics, and conduct user testing.

our work

Examples of our work include…

Mobile/Desktop Appilcations

Firmware Updates


Custom UX/UI Design


Porting Legacy Software

Instructional Apps

Art+Logic engineers and designers have worked on pro audio software projects for major industry clients worldwide. We love engineering audio applications and are committed to meeting our clients’ needs with the highest levels of professionalism.

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