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The data stored in your organization’s databases is a critical resource for your people to thrive and survive. Customer records, work orders, sales invoices, employee data, vehicle tracking . . . whatever it is that makes your organization tick, if it’s stored in a database then it’s well worth your while to make sure that database is well designed and properly managed. Then you can take the next step and let your database do some real work for you.

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Database Administration Services

  • Can patterns of customer trouble calls indicate where you have an infrastructure problem?
  • Perhaps trends in your sales records can help you pinpoint the next big thing a step or two ahead of your competition?

The specifics will vary from company to company and industry to industry, but your organization’s data can help propel you from confusion to clarity if you apply the right tools to your database.

Services we offer include:

Database Development

Database Administration

Export, Transform, Load (ETL)

Business Intelligence

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Database Development

Many of the development projects that come across our desks at Art+Logic are highly data centric. For these, the data is king, queen, and everything in between. Your data is going to drive the key decisions of your company leadership. It’s going to help expand your sales and operations.

When working on a data-centric project, we draw on our skill, experience, and knowledge to design a rock-solid database that is scalable, robust, and reliable. We understand that an application has to do more than just look good. It has to have data integrity right at the core of its being.

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Database Administration

A solid database design is only the beginning. Your database has to have a healthy environment to call home. We are here to help you get your database server environment set up, locked down, and dialed in.

Whether you are running your database on-premises, or in the cloud, or both, we can give your database environment:

  • a good backup strategy
  • a disaster recovery plan
  • regular health checks
  • outine maintenance

. . . all so you can have confidence in the availability and safety of your mission-critical data.

If you’ve already got your database server environment online, we can come alongside and help make sure it’s secure and running well. If you’re having problems with performance, capacity planning, or just figuring out what the heck is going on, we’d love the chance to take a look at your setup, isolate the root causes of your issues, and work to mitigate against them.

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Export, Transform, Load (ETL)

Computers sometimes aren’t all that great at dealing with diverse data storage formats. These days, data may live in all manner of different relational databases, NoSQL databases, flat files, XML files, spreadsheets . . . the list goes on and on. That’s where ETL comes in.

We can build solutions for you that Export, Transform, and Load your data between a wide range of different data formats. We can help you extract data from a legacy platform and get it ready for your next-gen solution, or build an interchange system so your databases can talk to your vendors. You’ll be able to access data from all your different platforms in a single reporting system or make your different applications share data seamlessly.

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Business Intelligence

A properly designed Business Intelligence system can help you turn mountains of information into succinct moments of insight.

A large database can be a bit like a murky pond . . .   you know there’s a vast harvest of fish, or critical information, lurking below the surface, but it’s tough to see where it is, and tougher to get it out! A good Business Intelligence system can give your end-users clear and direct visibility to the rich information that your database has to offer.

100% North American

Art+Logic database engineers are based in North America and have worked on DBA projects for major industry clients throughout the country. We never outsource or offshore our work.

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