Case Study

Custom Designer Web Application Driving Business Success over 10+ Years

Client: Carousel Nursery
Project: DYOBB – Accessible Interactive Design Tool

Dynamic Rendering
Accessible + Mobile-First

Carousel Designs worked with Art+Logic to solve scaling problems and lower purchasing resistance with technology.



Solving Scaling Problems + Lowering Purchasing Resistance With Technology

When Carousel first approached Art+Logic, they had identified an issue in achieving the growth goals they felt possible for their business: They had noticed that their customers would hesitate before spending hundreds of dollars ordering a custom crib bedding set. At the time, there was no way for shoppers to see how the hundreds of possible fabrics could be combined and whether or not they would look good together. In addition, since each bedding package was custom, customers who bought bedding but ultimately didn’t like their choices, could not return their order. Carousel would end up consulting with each customer, always sending them a package of four-inch fabric swatches. The final decision to purchase or not would still depend on the customer’s confidence in picturing the finished product in their home.


After several successful years of developing all of the internal systems, Josh Powell, the owner of Carousel, wanted to show his customers what the finished product would look like in their homes. We used Flash to design what he wanted his customers to see. Every element of the user experience was well thought-out ahead of time and this allowed Carousel to deliver on schedule.

Art+Logic recently completed another update, redesign, and extension of Carousel Designs’ web application. That’s nearly 15 years of collaboration between our two companies.

goals +


Goals + Ojectives

Carousel wanted to give their customers every tool that they needed to manage 800 different fabrics. The fear was that customers would launch the designer and be overwhelmed by options. Not all of the fabrics matched each other. Different textures, color palettes, and art styles were all available and the concern was that customers would need a good eye to use the tool effectively. So, in addition to the basic fabric selection, we created introduction screens showing Ideas and Inspirations. Once one fabric was selected, the customer was offered Coordinating Fabrics that were sure to look good in the final ensemble. The crib color, floor, walls, and window trim could all be customized. Ideas could be saved and retrieved so a customer could switch between multiple designs.

diy baby


DIY Baby Bedding Set Customization Interface

The application had a sophisticated set of features that would show a rendering of the selected fabrics in the Nursery. It would warn shoppers about fabrics that might not blend well together, and lead them through the final checkout process.

User Flow Map


View interactive prototype

Carousel promoting the designer in 2016



Drape designer

Due to the success of the baby betting configuration application, Art+Logic also implemented a variation of the Nursery Designer called Drape Designer. This used the same layout and cart mechanisms, but allowed site visitors to choose fabrics for their window dressings. Various lengths and styles could be chosen.


Exiting and NurseryDesigner 2021

With Carousel Design’s new corporate owner, they had to revamp all of their systems to interface with Shopify, and that meant it was time to update the Nursery Designer. This time the focus was on mobile-first design and ADA Compliance with WAG2 standards.

The result was streamlined, beautiful, and packed twice the usability into an interface that was one third as complex. The final integration with Shopify was flawless, and the new Nursery Designer went live.




The Nursery Designer had to be flexible so our client could place it anywhere on their site. We chose to implement it as a jQuery plugin. The plugin would attach itself to a parent element on the page, and accept a dozen options that would control the behavior. If they needed to load a specific design at start-up, or adjust where image assets came from, they had full control. Several of the options were call-backs where they could tailor the response to various actions such as sharing on instagram, adding to the cart, and a callback that would let them control the container page’s scrolling behavior when we had a pop-up visible.
The plugin approach minimized the number of times that our client had to call us for minor changes. Only once, when they upgraded the site’s version of jQuery, did we have to lock step and update the designer to match, and that only took a day.

Within the Nursery Designer, we used plugins to control the behavior of popups, and other reusable elements. HTML templates used ultra-lightweight jsViews ( that integrated cleanly with bootstrap. SVG files were used for icons and other assets so everything was clean regardless of the screen resolution.The Webpack module bundler was employed to assemble a lightweight, production-ready deployment. Accessibility was achieved using role=”<>”, aria-controls, aria-label, aria-pressed, and other HTML attributes.

Updating the Application as Technology Advances for an Even Better User Experience

Because of the early sophisticated javascript work we had done with images, we were positioned us well to update the core technologies we used to present the designer and customization options. This update significantly improved performance: the new technology and this update brought the application initialization time down to under two seconds. This version of the site also featured a more robust design management option for visitors — saving, featured designs, starter designs, etc. We used jQuery’s drag and drop to enable applying fabrics to the nursery, or directly to parts lists that showed the detail of every applied fabric.

The end result was popular with Carousel’s customers and increased their sales noticeably.

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