Branding and logo guide

the mark

The A+L “Pyramid” Mark

The story behind the mark

Just like the great pyramids in Egypt, our mark represents a seemingly simple design, yet a complex underlying structure requiring vast amounts of technical expertise and engineering. It’s solid and bold. It’s a road fading into the horizon, representing forward motion and the long-term relationship we build with our clients while on this journey. The left side is the finished product, whereas the right side is a peek under the hood: the scaffolding, the inner workings, the multi-tiered solutions. The right side also shows a hint of the A in Art, the L in Logic, and the + which joins the two, creating a synergy of elements, greater than just Art and Logic.

Our logo mark was crafted with care, from a mobile-first perspective. The mark works well in various settings: horizontal, vertical, dark, light, big, small.

The logo can also be overlayed on photo backgrounds as you can see at the top of this page.


used on dark backgrounds


used on light backgrounds





Social icons

Typically, social sites will resize the icon to fit their standard size, so pick a large size when uploading. Also, some sites display square icons, while others are round.

Use the dark background version for social sites so our pyramid appears as a beacon of light floating in a field of darkness.


Appear on profile page along with the Art+Logic header.


Displayed in comments, messages, lists, etc.


Some sites display square icons

Basic icons

These have a transparent background and can be used for toolbar icons, dock icons, shortcuts, overlays, etc.





Brand colors

Our brand is monochromatic for a number of reasons. One, it doesn’t conflict and clash with its surrounding environment. It allows us the flexibility to be playful with our content, ie: our blog, social site headers, illustrations, swag, etc. We’re not constricted to one color palette. The colors are not true black and white, but rather a warm dark grey and a slightly aged beige/grey, representing our 25+ years in the business.

We will continue using our hero colors, teal and red, however these colors should not appear in the logo, only in the surrounding content for attention-getting and call-out purposes.


A+L black

main content, outlines


Dark gray

bylines, backgrounds


Medium gray

bylines, accents


Light gray

borders, backgrounds


A+L teal

headers, titles, etc.


A+L aqua

backgrounds, accents


A+L red

hero color, accents


A+L teal lite

big header text
teal at 30% opacity


A+L aqua lite

big header text
aqua at 30% opacity


Download assets

Icon files, variations, formats, etc.