Found on GitHub: CargoBay and SkyLab


Matt Thompson, the creator of AFNetworking framework and the wonderful recently released a couple new open source projects on GitHub that look really useful for iOS developers.
CargoBay is a wrapper around the StoreKit APIs that makes working with In App Purchase a bit nicer. It offers:

  • Block-based interface for requesting product information
  • Ability to request product information for identifiers asynchronously from a remote web service
  • Block-based callbacks for payment queue observation delegate methods
  • One-step receipt verification

SkyLab is a framework for multivariate and A/B testing in iOS apps that’s not tied to any specific backend for stats and nicely uses NSUserDefaults for persisting conditions across app launches for a consistent user experience.
I’m looking forward to using these in one of my next iOS projects. Thanks Mattt!

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