Friday Linked List: 11/6/15


Fieldbook is an interesting spreadsheet that adds some features and slick UI to allow you to create simple databases and to interact with your content in new ways. It’s web based right now with native mobile apps planned for 2016. It’s a little hard to explain, but check out the intro video and sign up for a free account.

SQL Tabs
code screen captureSQL Tabs is a cross platform (Linux, OS X) PostgreSQL client that allows you to embed Markdown, charts, and graphs in your SQL output. Its tabbed layout and rich output is a refreshing departure from most database clients.
screenshot_annotatedSachsen is a beautiful Mac app for reading App Store reviews that allows you to search, filter, compare between versions, and even translate reviews between languages. If you’ve published an app, this one is a must have.
Finally, Grav is an open source Markdown based flat-file CMS written in PHP that has been picking up a lot of momentum. It has support for plugins, themes, and is designed to be fast and easy to use. It looks to be well documented and has an active community on GitHub and in the Grav Forum.

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Accurate Timing

Accurate Timing

In many tasks we need to do something at given intervals of time. The most obvious ways may not give you the best results. Time? Meh. The most basic tasks that don't have what you might call CPU-scale time requirements can be handled with the usual language and...

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