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I’m experimenting with Go recently for some side projects I’m working on, and am really enjoying working with it so far. It has a great standard library, is fast, is built to support great tools, and has a great community. I first learned about it through dotCloud and the Docker project which is built using Go.
Go 1.2 was recently released and now is great time to check out Go if you haven’t already. The cover test coverage tool introduced in 1.2 is worth it alone. It’s awesome to have this kind of support built in and would be nice to see in other languages.
The Go Advent 2013 series of posts from Gopher Academy make it an even better time to learn more about Go. They have a great overview of what’s new in 1.2 and coverage of the really impressive GoConvey web app for running and browsing test results, including the code coverage reporting introduced in 1.2.
Here are some other great resources to help you get started:

Finally, some other high profile Go projects are Martinibeego, and Revel – be sure to check them out too!
Go wallpaper image by Christopher Hack, originally shared on Go+.

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