How a Custom Field Solutions App Drives Efficiency


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Most companies that distribute products in the physical world need some sort of software solution to manage their business processes. Ideally, this solution should be more efficient than a centralized data repository with a handful of terminals — yet this is what many businesses are still using.
With this older style of system, you’d have to bring information to the database and enter it there, perhaps manually. Then you might have to convey the results of your analysis to teams in the field. Today, a mobile field solutions app is capable of streamlining this entire process.
With an app on their mobile devices, field reps can gather all kinds of data anywhere they need to go, transmit it immediately to the centralized system, and receive real-time analysis and direction. Based on this data from the field, a regional manager might decide to make a change to an endcap — and seamlessly communicate the decision to staff throughout the region, without taking a week to write and send a memo. Even better, this manager is able to react to information about the present, not a week or day or hour ago.
Customized Logic
Custom software is most valuable when it is supporting and managing custom logic, like the processes of a complex, individual business. Generic, off-the-shelf software is going to treat this logic generically — because it’s not tailored to your precise purposes, your team will have to fill out often tedious, generic forms to capture specific data. A general purpose solution probably won’t “know” what an endcap is. A representative might have to type out a message specifying an item to order and send it through the non-custom system to someone else, who will have to manually enter and order the endcap.
A custom field solutions app, on the other hand, delivers a user interface and backend logic that adhere exactly to your business practices. Field reps can efficiently capture exactly the right information in exactly the right way; your system will know what an endcap is. Moreover, your system will have a button for ordering the right endcap for the right time, right now, all automated. The rep presses the button, and because the custom system knows where they are and what they need, the endcap is instantaneously ordered to ship.
This is one of the most powerful drivers of efficiency in a custom field solutions app. Because it’s built for a specific business process, custom software can automate that process optimally, making a business as decisive and responsive as it can possibly be.
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