Interactive SVG Charts With D3 – Part 1



This is my fourth blog post in a series on using D3. Previous posts include:

This tutorial is Part 1 in a multi-part tutorial exploring interactive SVG charts. Herein we will explore zooming in on detail within a chart and, indirectly, how one might organize their charting code in a single javascript object.

We’ll progress over a series of "slides," each showing an active SVG element with narrative text describing the key points of the slide, along with the javascript code that generated the SVG. As this is a tutorial on user interaction with SVG, you get to play along as we go.

This tutorial is a single-page app requiring a modern browser (tested on recent chrome, firefox, IE). Because this tutorial explores zooming, you will need to be using a computer with a wheel mouse. This tutorial can be run live in your browser at the wonderful site. If so inclined, you can also clone the tutorial from gist and run it locally on your computer.

Regardless of how you view the tutorial, you can leave comments about it here.


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