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May is MIDI Month!


The MIDI Association has announced the plans for May Is MIDI Month 2019.

The MIDI Association, the free community for MIDI users, is launching the second annual May is MIDI Month membership and donation drive.

You can join The MIDI Association here.

May is MIDI Month is a celebration of MIDI for the entire MIDI community: companies making MIDI products, the press/media, and musicians and artists who regularly use MIDI. MIDI connects products from different companies together and also connects creative people from around the world.

As Platinum Sponsors, Ableton, IK Multimedia, Native Instruments, Roland, ROLI, Sweetwater, and Yamaha have committed to matching up to $2000 in individual TMA member donations in May.

Gold Sponsors including Analog Devices, Art+Logic, Bome, Moog Music, Melodics, and Keith McMillan Instruments have committed to matching up to $1000.

The MIDI Association member musicians and artists are being asked to donate directly to the May Is MIDI Month goal of $2000 in individual donations at Matching donations from our sponsors will multiply that to $22,000.

The funds raised will be used to improve TMA member services and develop interactive content to explain new MIDI specifications like the exciting new MIDI 2.0 protocol.

May Is MIDI Month Webinars
We have an amazing schedule of webinars and detailed information on MIDI 2.0 planned for May Is MIDI Month 2019.

The webinars will be held on

They will all be recorded and available for later viewing. is a Horn channel. Horn is a unique technology for web conferencing that includes audio, video, chat and more.

Just go to and log in using Social Sign On for any one of the available social media platforms (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Yahoo, Github, Weibo).

May 4 at 3 PM Pacific Time
A panel discussion with the people who created the Controllerism movement about how MIDI influences the world of Digital DJs.
Panelists: Laura Escudé, Sam Gribben, Huston Singletary, Moldover, Kate Stone, Shawn Wasabi

Guthman Musical Instrument Design Competition 2019
May 11 at 7PM Pacific Time
All three winners of the 2019 Guthman Musical Design Competition were MIDI Controllers. Check out Geoshred, AirSticks and The Glide as well as other unique MIDI instruments. This panel discussion will also include live and video performances from the participants.
Panelists: Jordan Rudess, Pat Scandalis, Alon Ilsar, Keith Groover, Qianqian Jin, Nathan Asman

The Early History of MIDI -1981-1989
May 18 at 3 PM Pacific Time
The people who originally created MIDI discuss the turbulent early days of MIDI before it became the established standard it is today.
This webinar will truly be historic.
Panelists: Anne Graham, Brian Vincik, Chris Meyer, Dave Smith, David Mash, Domenic Milano, Jeff Rona, Michelle Moog Koussa, Paul Lehrman, Ryan Alexander Diduck

MIDI 2.0- The Future of MIDI
May 25 at 10 AM Pacific Time
We will be releasing details about MIDI 2.0 in weekly Blog articles and MIDI Message Newsletters in May.
On May 25, MIDI Association members will have a chance to meet the team that put the new specification together. The members of the MMA MIDI-CI and Protocol working groups will explain their vision for the future of MIDI. We will also be soliciting questions about MIDI 2.0 from TMA members in advance of the webinar.
Panelists: Amos Gaynes, Andrew Mee, Chris Grigg, Dave Starkey, Florian Bome, Franz Detro, Mike Kent, Phil Burk, Rick Cohen, Tom White

Art+Logic has been active as part of the MMA Protocol Working Group, prototyping the new protocol and building tools and utilities for developers working to add MIDI 2.0 functionality to their devices and software.

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