Searching App Content with Core Spotlight

Photo by tyler hendy from Pexels

In the first part of this series of posts about Core Spotlight we looked at how to use the Core Spotlight APIs to index application data, how to search that data using Spotlight, and how to respond when a user selects a search result for your application’s data. In this post we’ll take a look at how easy it can be to search that same index from within your app. The demo app has been updated and is still available on GitHub. (more…)

Indexing App Content with Core Spotlight

Image via, licensed under CC.

Core Spotlight has been available since iOS 9 but Apple has made some updates in iOS 10 that make it worth another look. In this series of posts I’ll look at how you can use Core Spotlight to index your application data and search that data both from within iOS using Spotlight and from within an app using some of the new Core Spotlight APIs such as CSSearchQuery.

Our Demo App

To demonstrate how to index application data using Core Spotlight I’ve created a basic iOS app that loads and displays information about some airports and heliports around the world. The app loads this data from a CSV file bundled within the app, displays a list of airports, and provides a basic detail view showing the airport on a map along with the type of airport and identification code. The source to the app is available on GitHub. (more…)