5(ish) Python Modules You Didn’t Know You Wanted

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There are a lot of things I like about programming in Python, but one of my favorites is how well Python allows code reuse. Between the excellent import semantics and the outrageous level of introspection in Python, just about any piece of Python code (assuming it’s generic enough) can be reused across a wide range of projects. However, since you can only reuse code that you know about, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite little Python utility modules.

These are mostly things that I’ve written (often more than once) myself, but never managed to generify, package and release. Fortunately, other people out in the Python community are more disciplined than myself.

Here we go…


The Javascript Toolbox

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Developers using JavaScript and HTML to build rich web apps are creating a plethora of tools to compartmentalize the common and organizational aspects of coding.  This burst of open source energy has led to new categories of libraries like the MV* frameworks, and multitudinous entries into others, like template engines.  Which leads to a problem: how does one keep up with the ever-shifting set of possibilities? (more…)